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Discovering Second Temple Literature: The Stories and Scriptures That Shaped Early Judaism

Jewish Publication Society, Fall 2018

“A thorough and very readable introduction to the literature of Second Temple Judaism, Simkovich's  book will fascinate anyone interested in the world of Hillel, Shammai, Josephus and Jesus.”  

- Steven Fine, Churgin Professor of Jewish History, Yeshiva University


“An amazing picture of Second Temple Judaism comes to light in this excellent synthesis.  Simkovich's eminently readable and well-balanced account will help readers to understand the Apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha, and Dead Sea Scrolls' contributions to Judaism and Christianity, as well as period literature in Outside the Bible.”  

- Lawrence H. Schiffman, Judge Abraham Lieberman Professor of Hebrew andJudaic Studies, New York University and Editor, Outside the Bible 

“In this impressively erudite and popular volume, Simkovich reveals how audiences in the ancient world would have understood the writings of Second Temple authors that are often elusive to us.  Moreover, she amply demonstrates why we should care about these works, both for the light they shine on an explosively creative historical period and for what they say about being Jewish even in our own time.”

- Leonard Greenspoon, Klutznick Chair in Jewish Civilization, Creighton University.

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